Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

S.No Code Title Year Abstract
01 PAM1 A Hybrid Shared-Memory Parallel Max-Tree Algorithm for Extreme Dynamic-Range Images 2018 Abstract
02 PAM2 A Unified Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers by Majorization Minimization 2018 Abstract
03 PAM3 Active Self-Paced Learning for Cost-Effective and Progressive Face Identification 2018 Abstract
04 PAM4 Clustering Millions of Faces by Identity 2018 Abstract
05 PAM5 CODE Coherence Based Decision Boundaries for Feature Correspondence 2018 Abstract
06 PAM6 Convolutional Oriented Boundaries From Image Segmentation to High-Level Tasks 2018 Abstract
07 PAM7 DeepLab Semantic Image Segmentation with Deep Convolutional Nets, Atrous Convolution, and Fully Connected CRFs 2018 Abstract
08 PAM8 Embedding Based on Function Approximation for Large Scale Image Search 2018 Abstract
09 PAM9 Expression-Invariant Age Estimation Using Structured Learning 2018 Abstract
10 PAM10 Fast Supervised Discrete Hashing 2018 Abstract
11 PAM11 Learning Support Correlation Filters for Visual Tracking 2018 Abstract
12 PAM12 Leave-One-Out Kernel Optimization for Shadow Detection and Removal 2018 Abstract
13 PAM13 Longitudinal Study of Automatic Face Recognition 2018 Abstract
14 PAM14 Person Re-Identification by Camera Correlation Aware Feature Augmentation 2018 Abstract
15 PAM15 Probabilistic Elastic Part Model A Pose-Invariant Representation for Real-World Face Verification 2018 Abstract
16 PAM16 Robust Online Matrix Factorization for Dynamic Background Subtraction 2018 Abstract
17 PAM17 Saliency-Aware Video Object Segmentation 2018 Abstract
18 PAM18 Supervised Learning of Semantics-Preserving Hash via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks 2018 Abstract
19 PAM19 Towards Reaching Human Performance in Pedestrian Detection 2018 Abstract
20 PAM20 Trunk-Branch Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks for Video-Based Face Recognition 2018 Abstract
21 PAM21 Video Super-Resolution via Bidirectional Recurrent Convolutional Networks 2018 Abstract
22 PAM22 Watch-n-Patch Unsupervised Learning of Actions and Relations 2018 Abstract


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