Neural Networks Titles

S.No Code Title Year Abstract
01 NN1 An Efficient Representation-Based Method for Boundary Point and Outlier Detection 2018 Abstract
02 NN2 An Exemplar-Based Multi-View Domain Generalization Framework for Visual Recognition 2018 Abstract
03 NN3 Collaborative Random Faces-Guided Encoders for Pose-Invariant Face Representation Learning 2018 Abstract
04 NN4 Concept Factorization With Adaptive Neighbors for Document Clustering 2018 Abstract
05 NN5 Feature Combination via Clustering 2018 Abstract
06 NN6 Localized Multiple Kernel Learning With Dynamical Clustering and Matrix Regularization 2018 Abstract
06 NN6 Multiview Boosting With Information Propagation for Classification 2018 Abstract
07 NN7 Online Nonlinear AUC Maximization for Imbalanced Data Sets 2018 Abstract